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Meet The Crew

Meet The Crew

I am extremely lucky to have such a great crew to help our customers. They are knowledgeable and personable and enjoy helping each of our customers.

Julia3 1

Julia—BERNINA Certified Repair Tech, Teacher and Sales Clerk. She is precise and meticulous in her sewing and with computer parts of a machine. She is one of our teachers of new owner BERNINA Mastery classes along with any extra project classes. She enjoys all aspects of quilting- piecing a top and free motion quilting to finish her quilts. Machine embroidery is also on her list of “to dos”. A little FYI…She has a soft spot when it comes to her puppy dog Sophie.

Tom 2

Tom—BERNINA Certified Repair Tech. He is the other half of our repair team. He takes extremely good care of your machine when it comes in for cleaning and repair. Loves the mechanical end of all the machines. He takes pride when a machine sews along quietly after he’s worked on it. A little FYI… He enjoys feeding the birds and watching the Mississippi River. And loves sweets!


Lou—Sales Clerk and Teacher. She has been here since the birth of River Bank Fabrics. She is the organizer in the shop. She’s loves learning all the aspects of sewing and embroidery. Garment construction and craft projects were her focus when her children were young, now they are grown and she found she loves quilting and embroidery. A little FYI…Definitely her grand-children are an apple of her eye.

Jodi 2

Jodi—Sales Clerk and Teacher. She likes to try it all; piecing a quilt, machine embroidery, sewing bags and crafts and BERNINA software projects. She’s always looking for a new bag pattern. She is always the one to encourage those customers, who are reluctant to tackle bigger projects. A little FYI…Is a pet lover, was only a dog lover until a stray kitten came to their house. Not sure who comes first now.


Chris—Sales Clerk and Teacher. She is our Block a Month teacher. She enjoys helping our customers grow in their sewing abilities. She is always trying to find an easier way to sew a block. She is our math whiz! She teaches customers how to be precise in their piecing. Loves Batik fabric and sewing with it! A little FYI…Charlie her puppy and Indigo her Macca rate top in her house. She and her husband
also enjoy camping.

Mary 2

Mary—Sales Clerk. She has been in the retail sewing industry for more than thirty years. She enjoys people and meeting new customers and finding the right color and print for each project.
She has an eye for color and adding the exact fabric needed. She knows that quality fabrics make the difference in the outcome of the project. A little FYI…Her animals are priority, chickens, kittens and her dog. And loves to find a bargain at a yard sale.


Mel—Sales Clerk and Teacher. She loves to piece quilts! She makes time every day to sit down at her BERNINA machine. Has mastered her long arm and finishes quilts with beautiful quilting designs. She’s the gal in shop who loves to try out a new ruler or template, then helps customers to be proficient with them. Teaching BERNINA CLUB and new owner BERNINA Mastery classes also. A little FYI…Her bags always packed to go on a Quilt Retreat. Enjoys hockey games with her family. She too has a couple fur babies.

Kayla 2

Kayla—Sales Clerk. She has only been quilting the last few years but has dove head first into it. Loves it! Always anxious to learn new patterns and methods. She enjoys showing customers what’s new and what she has learned. She decided to take the next step…getting a long arm and adds that beautiful touch to finish quilts. She also enjoys machine embroidery. A little FYI…Her grand-children are her joy! She and her husband enjoy finding new spots to go camping.

Coral 3

Coral—Owner. My title covers it all…Sales Clerk, Teacher of BERNINA Embroidery and Software and New Owner Mastery Classes and of course the repetitive things owning a quilt shop includes. I have been sewing since I was a child. My mother taught me to sew garments. Then I learned to piece quilts about 25 years ago. I enjoy sewing quick small projects and machine embroidery. I love learning everything a BERNINA machine can do! A little FYI…Best memories are made with my grand-kids. And sitting on our deck in the summer is my way to relax!

Roger 2

Roger—Coral’s husband, retired Tug Boat Pilot. He has lots of titles now; yard man, snow removal, helper setting up events and errand runner. He helps out in any way I need. Most importantly he’s supportive and my cheer leader! Couldn’t run the shop without him! A little FYI…Golfing with his buddies and taking road trips.